Master the art of Archery using our modern Recurve Bows and hi tech Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bows. You will be in safe hands under the expert guidance of our GNAS qualified archery instructors. Sabotage Archery is designed primarily for those who have never shot a bow before or have only had a go from time to time. Ideal for Schools, Scout & Guide Troops, birthday parties and corporate events.

Archery (2 hours)

Master the ancient art of Archery using our Compound Hunting Bows mounted with our innovative .50 cal paintball system. After mastering the basics of archery under the expert supervision of our GNAS qualified instructors you take to the battle map and engage with other AirowTag archers. You undertake Hunger Games style missions which can be team based or individual; everything you need is included in the price, even the paintballs. Then in the second half of the day you will use our outdoor combat laser system engaging the enemy with ranges in excess of 200m for a totally different gaming experience.

AirowTag & Laser

This is the nearest thing you can get to playing Call Of Duty style games but for real! Using our state of the art outdoor combat laser system you can engage the enemy with ranges in excess of 200m. We also integrate the latest developments in electronic outdoor gaming technology such as Respawn Stations, Medic Boxes, WMD's and Domination Box. We can also offer a variety of weapon types from fully automatic to semi-automatic weapons including sniper style weapons. However as you are only firing harmless light at each other there is no need for any form of protective mask or goggle.  As all our kit is digital it means that you have unlimited ammo!


Laser (Half Day)

How about playing Airsoft with just your friends or a group of work colleagues? All we require is a minimum of 10 players and you can enjoy either a full or half day of full on, adrenaline fueled airsoft action.

We supply all the kit, even the ammunition and free tea/coffee/water.

Airsoft (Private Game Session)




Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard bio degradable plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of real world weapons.

At Sabotage we host one dedicated Airsoft day a month, the date for each month is posted on this website (click here to goto our Airsoft page) or on our Facebook Page .

If you have your own kit the game fee for the day is only £20 per player which includes tea/coffee/water and some great game play. No worries if you don't have your own kit you can rent from us for only £39 per player.


Sabotage Airsoft is a UKARA Registered Airsoft Site

Sabotage Airsoft is a BAC Registered Airsoft Site

Includes hire of AEG Gun, Magazine, Cammo Coverall, Mask/Goggle & 2,000 (0.2g) bio BB's

Includes hire of AEG Gun, Magazine, Cammo Coverall, Mask/Goggle & 1,000 (0.2g) bio BB's

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