Sabotage Laser games are fun with friends, family and are suitable for all occassions.

You can take aim and fire from upto 200 metres away using one of our laser weapons with unlimited ammo.





Sabotage Laser is similar to paintballing except it uses infra-red technology to register hits on your enemy rather than an actual projectile. We have invested in the very latest technology to bring you compact rifles that are designed for anyone aged 9+. They have an effective range of over 200 meters, keep you informed of how much ammunition you have and how many lives you have left. When someone is ‘shot’ the gun omits a loud ‘arrrrrr’; if you are eliminated you will hear the dreaded 'medic, medic man down'! Sabotage Outdoor Laser is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, family outings and school trips. 

Private Woodland Battle Zones

Battles take place within our private woodland. What could be better than fighting your way through acres of woodland with barricades, trenches, secret rat runs, bridges and hard cover areas.  Sabotage Laser is not to be confused with the indoor Laser Quest or Quasar systems, at Sabotage you play in the great outdoors with better equipment and more room to run around. All equipment and camouflaged combat suits are provided and water to keep you hydrated.

So what do you get?

Three hour session

6-9 action-packed games.

Variety of game maps

Variety of Game Formats

Supervision & tuition by Sabotage staff

Camouflaged Battle-suit

M14, M16 or AK laser machine guns

Red Dot Scopes

Laser sensor headband


Unlimited Ammo !


£20 per person (9 - 17 years)

£25 per person (18+ years)


Session times




We are located just 17 minutes from Central Milton Keynes and 19 minutes from Aylesbury.


We cater for companies large or small with events to suit all budgets. So if you need a day’s stress busting or an end of year get together, look no further than Sabotage Events to motivate and energise your team.

We require a minimum of 8 players for a session to take place, don't worry if you don't have enough players we can usually group you with other similar aged players.

If you have 16 or more players you can arrange to have your own private party, with your own dedicated games and Sabotage game marshals!

To Book Your Session Call

Milton Keynes Office: 01908 586 809

Sabotage Woodland Mobile:


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